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Model 400 Series Horizontal  Valves
3 Way Valve Specification Sheet


Pacific Seismic/California Valves are earthquake sensitive gas shut-off valves. They are intended to close in the event of an earthquake to prevent gas flow into a structure where earthquake damage may have occurred. The valve reduces the potential for fire or explosion due to the release of natural gas into a  structure where gas lines, gas fixtures, or gas appliances.

PSP's valves do not use any source of internal or external electrical power. They are designed to remain closed until manually reset. The valves are intended to be mounted in the gas line upstream or downstream of the gas-line pressure regulator and gas meter outside the structure. These valves do not replace the manual upstream shut-off valves provided in the gas service line.


Our valve consists of a swing check valve arrangement with an acceleration-sensitive triggering mechanism. The trip mechanism consists of a steel ball resting on a tapered cup-shaped support. The horizontal motion of an earthquake causes the ball to move from the center of the support. This allows the balls mass to act upon the movable pipe of the trip mechanism, activating the valve and initiating closure. Springs assist the valve- flapper to close and gas pressure assists in holding the valve disc in the closed position. The trip mechanism is factory set and sealed. A sight glass is provided so that the Open or Closed indicator can be seen, and the trip mechanism status of the valve can be easily determined.






When you receive the valve it will be in the "Closed" position.  

When the valve is closed the word "Closed" will be visible through the window in the visual valve position indicator located on the top of the valve just above the clamp band.




With a suitable wrench, apply light force to rotate reset shaft counter clockwise until the word "Open" is visible through the window.

Release pressure on the wrench, and the reset shaft will return to its original position. The word "Open" remains visible through the window.

The valve is now open. and the acceleration trigger mechanism is set to respond to seismic disturbances.

CAUTION: Resetting the valve requires only light force. Excess force can damage the valve.