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-MS Monitoring
 Specification Sheet


Pacific Seismic Products is proud to introduce the MS ( Monitoring System ) series of seismically actuated gas shut off valves.

This exciting new option will add the ability of a monitoring device to known the valves status either open or closed. With a 250mA and low 24 volt rating this monitoring system will be ideal for computer or alarm
systems, even home use.

Pacific Seismic Product's state-of-the-art quality control process leads the industry with high-tech, multi-stage testing of every

    valve manufactured, assuring you absolute reliability in a "Made In America" product.

Pacific Seismic/California Valves are earthquake sensitive gas shut-off valves. They are intended to close in the event of an earthquake to prevent gas flow into a structure where earthquake damage may have occurred. The valve reduces the potential for fire or explosion due to the release of natural gas into a  structure where gas lines, gas fixtures, or gas appliances.