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Model 400
Seismically Actuated Valve
3-way 4" Specification Sheet

400-3way image

Pacific Seismics Product’s (PSP) Model EV400 can be used to protect a variety of piping systems. This includes water lines, high pressure gas lines, high- and low-pressure steam lines or just about any piping system our standard product line cannot cover. This product will require additional components not supplied by PSP.

The Model EV400 is an all-mechanical earthquake-activated 3-way 2-position pneumatic valve. When used in conjunction with a spring-fail pneumatic actuator, this valve can be used to cut-off the supply to almost any piping system during a seismic event. Mounting is accomplished using the two ¼” 20 UNC mounting holes and the attached leveling chain. Using compressed nitrogen or clean and dry compressed air (regulated to 80 psi), the Model EV400 can control just about any pneumatic control valve.


400-3way specs