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MS Monitoring System
 Specification Sheet

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Works with all 2" to 8” PSP valves.

The new Model MS Monitoring Switch is an optional feature that is available at the time of order with any California valve. This unique device relays an electrical signal that enables the valve’s position (open or closed) to be monitored remotely. The Monitoring Switch is operated via a custom magnet attached to the valve's swing-arm, which is capable of handling both AC and DC voltages. It is mounted by the factory, and has been tested and rated for outdoor use (NEMA 3R). The enclosure is fabricated from anodized aluminum, with all stainless steel hardware and a gasket made from a UL-approved material.

The MS feature MUST be specified at the time of order and is NOT available for retro-fit applications on existing California valves. To specify this optional feature, add the suffix “-MS” to the valve's model number. For example, a threaded 2” California valve designed for horizontal flow, with the optional Model MS Monitoring Switch feature, would have the part number 314-MS.



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