Checklist for Installation Procedures

(as approved by the BC Provincial Gas Safety Branch)

[   ] RESTRAINT The valve shall be positively fastened to the building or other permanent structure. In areas where soil subsistence or movement is likely. support shall be to the building structure
[   ] ORIENTATION: The valve shall be installed in a horizontal position.
[   ] LOCATION: Where possible, the valve should be immediately outside the building.
[   ] SIZE: The nominal valve diameter should be the same size as the pipe in which it is installed,
[   ] PRESSURE: The valve rating shall be adequate for the line pressure.
If the required pressure for pressure testing the gas lines exceeds the pressure rating of the gas valve, the valve must be removed during the test
[   ] SUPPORT: Restraints must be within three feet of the valve for two inch diameter pipe and less. For pipes greater than two inches in diameter, the restraint must be within ten feet of the valve.
[   ] PROTECTION: The valve (and piping) shall he protected from all vehicular traffic.
[   ] APPROVALS: QuakeLand valves must have the CGA logo stamped on the band and the letter "C "preceding the model number to be acceptable for installation within Canada.
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