Earthquake Actuated Automatic Gas Shut-off Valves

  • During an earthquake with structural movement of sufficient intensity, the KOSO Seismic Valve will shut-off the gas, preventing an explosion and/or fire.
When an earthquake strikes, gas leaks from broken gas pipes can cause explosions and subsequent fires. Protect your home or business with an earthquake sensitive valve that automaticaly shuts off your gas during an earthquake. flyervalve.jpg (50313 bytes)
  • Koso valves are not sensitive to vibrations caused by passing trucks or accidental bumpinq.
  • Industry standard, soft seat construction for positive sealing.
  • Proven Check Valve design combined with acceleration trigger mechanism.
  • Sensitive to wide amplitude "G's" only. The factory has preset the valve for the correct "G" rating to ensure positive shut off in accordance with CA OSA & ANSI specifications.
  • Even response to acceleration in any direction in horizontal plane.
  • Positive sealing from -100F to +1500F (20 P.S.l. Max. Pressure). UL listed to-400F.
  • Visual open-close indicator.
  • Manual reset.
  • Plumb line for mounting.
  • Tripping mechanism has non-creeping rolling latch. (Does not develop "hairtrigger" caused by accumulated near trip movements.)

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