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QuakeKoso Canada Inc. (QKI) is the Factory Authorized Distributor
in Canada for (Koso) California Seismic Gas Shut off Valves

Key Points

  • The number one hazard from an earthquake is fire fire resulting from broken gas lines.
  • During an earthquake with structural movement of sufficient intensity, the Koso Seismic Valve will shut-off the gas, preventing an explosion and/or fire.
  • During an earthquake the primary dangers are from falling objects and debris, such as collapsing chimneys, masonry facing, shattered glass, light fixtures, plaster ceilings and heavy furniture.
  • Koso valves are not sensitive to vibrations caused by passing trucks or accidental bumping.
  • Don't wait until it's too late.  Have a gas shut off valve installed today.

Earth Quake Automatic
Gas Shutoff Valve

When you come home--will it be there?
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