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Topic: “Earthquakes Don’t Kill People, Buildings Do”

Seven major earthquakes have struck the Pacific Northwest coastline since the beginning of this century.  In May 1996, Lower Mainland residents got a not so gentle reminder of the danger which lurks beneath our feet.

Some questions John will address during his talk are: How do earthquakes occur?  When can we expect the next earthquake?  Where will our next major earthquake occur?  Which are the two main challenges we may face in buildings in British Columbia?  Who will be responsible for emergency response following an earthquake?  What can we do to prepare?


Speaker Profile

JOHN O'SULLIVAN is President of QuakeKoso Canada Inc., a company formed in 1999. He was formerly a Director and Sales Manager of Westcoast Seismic Products since its inception in 1990.

John was also the President of the GVFPA (Greater Vancouver Fire Protection Association) in 1994, an organization dedicated to fire safety education; and he served as Chairman of EPICC (the Emergency Preparedness for Industry and Commerce Council) in 2001.

An experienced Toastmaster, for the past twelve years John has conducted seminars for engineers, insurance executives, schools and property management firms."

"I would like to thank you again for your presentation to the Society of Fire Protection Engineers.  I know many of our members were most interested in your presentation."
B.J. Dutour, Society of Fire Protection Engineers
"I would like to thank you for being a lecturer at our School.  I feel that the 1995 School was a great success and have received a lot of positive feedback from the students."
Susan Coulter, School Director, Greater Vancouver Fire Protection Association

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