Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Will these devices shut off the gas prematurely from vibrations, such as trucks, trains, etc., or vandals?

When properly installed, the device is rigidly attached to the building so it will not be set off by passing vehicles or by vandals kicking or striking the valve.

Will the valve respond if the power fails?

Yes. It needs no power source to operate.

During an earthquake, can these devices actuate without there being an actual gas leak?  What level of ground movement can be expected to actuate these devices?

These devices will shut off the gas at a level of ground/building movement at which a gas leak may occur.

Can I reset the valve and restore gas service myself?

This should be done by a gas fitter. An earthquake of significant magnitude to actuate the valve may have caused damage to gas pipes inside the building. Only a gas fitter is qualified to check for these leaks prior to restoring gas service.

Once closed due to an earthquake, can the valve reopen unnecessarily?

No. No further shaking would cause the valve to reopen after it has closed. It can be easily reset manually as no special tool is required.

Is the valve fully automatic?

Yes. It needs no monitoring and is ideal for vacant buildings, weekend cabins and those unable to or uncomfortable with the idea of manually shutting off their gas.

Does this valve require maintenance?

No. It is non-corrosive and requires no maintenance.

Will this valve eliminate any chance of gas leaks in my building?

No. A leak in the utility company's pipes under the streets or from adjacent buildings may enter the building. While it is unlikely that a minor quake not large enough to trigger the valve will cause a gas leak, a leak may result from inadequately supported or installed appliances or similar factors inside the building. In all cases, following any quake, normal safety procedures (checking for leaks, etc.) should be followed.

Can I shut off my gas manually?

Yes, if you are on the premises and available.

Should I shut off my gas manually instead?

Only if you smell or hear gas, if there is a fire, or if structural damage to the building is present. If the seismic valve has not shut off the gas, the level of the quake was small enough that a gas leak is unlikely. In this case, normal safety procedures (checking for leaks) should be followed.

Who can restore my gas service following an earthquake?

Either your utility company or anyone of the Province's thousands of licensed gasfitters.

FACT: Experience in Northridge, LA. showed that all customers with undamaged pipe had service restored within 12 days. In San Francisco in 1989, service was restored within 7 days.